When operating critical wells (high pressure and H2 S content), there is always a risk of uncontrolled sour gas (H2 S) releases. When H2
S escapes to the surface, it has the potential to quickly disperse, reaching nearby worksites and communities. H2 S is extremely toxic and exposure can cause serious physiological and neurological impairment and even death. To limit the dispersion of H2 S and the dire results it can bring, the
well blowout must be promptly and safely ignited.

Product Description


• Eliminates the need for dangerous manual ignition.
• Allows for all personnel to evacuate to a safe zone while ensuring ignition takes place.
• Developed and operated by a leader in innovative H2 S protection systems.
• Single provider for ignition and H2 S protection saves time and reduces logistical challenges brought by additional subcontractors.
• Serviced and maintained by United Safety onsite H2 S Specialists eliminating costly subcontractor visits.
• Custom features can be added by our in-house R&D department as per customer requirements.