The CXT Wireless® gas detection sensors are easily and economically deployable in both permanent and temporary installations. This low power sensor assembly utilizes infrared technology for combustible hydrocarbons. All component parts are rated for Class I; Division 1, Groups C, D hazardous areas. This advanced field device consists of a Model CXT low power infrared gas detection sensor, and wireless transceiver packaged in a single enclosure. Power is provided by an internal battery pack with disposable “D” cell (3.6V) batteries capable of continuous operation for up
to 9 months. An optional lithium ion rechargeable battery pack allows for five months of operation (not available with ATEX or IECEx approvals). Solar panels can provide charging of battery packs in safe areas.

Product Description


Self-healing mesh network topology
• Universally accepted 2.4 GHz non-licensed frequency
• Low power IR gas detection sensor with built-in transceivers
• Built-in display for gas sensor/field device HMI
• Disposable or rechargeable battery packs